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Blastcon Australia is a company dedicated to safety and efficiency in the explosive and related industries

Blastcon Australia began in 2003 to meet the needs of mining personnel and assist them in understanding the application and implementation of the Explosives Legislation.

Blastcon Australia is highly respected in providing quality, highly informative shotfirer training to Open Cut and Underground.

Drill and Blast

Blastcon Australia are proficient drill and blast contractors in both the
underground as well as opencut mining & quarrying sectors.
We pride ourselves on taking on the difficult jobs that others may shy away from. With the majority of our team having 20+ years in the industry we have the capabilities of seeing your project through from start to completion, often closing off projects ahead of the timeline.
We excel at assisting our clients with: Drill and blast optimisation, fragmentation, vibration, challenging blasting conditions and cost efficiency

Explosives Training – Becoming a Shotfirer in the Mining Industry

In the past, the best way into a mining job was through the blast crew. Legislation has changed in most states, forced partly by safety but also by security. Now to get a position on a blast crew a person generally has to have some form of training in legislative responsibilities and safety in Handling, Transport and Storage of Explosives. Blastcon Australia provide nationally recognised training programs to help you to achieve a position in the mining industry.

Persons must be at least 18 years of age and have an acceptable explosives security card. Blastcon Australia provides an extensive range of training for the explosive, shotfiring, and SSAN sectors.

Autostem Technology

Blastcon Australia has partnered with Autostem™ Technology to provide a new way of blasting technology.

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