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Safety and Security Systems

It is a requirement that if your company undertakes blasting activities, that you have a Safety Management Plan in place, and that the procedures are followed. Blastcon Australia has been assisting various businesses with putting together the initial documents, or reviewing the practices that are already in place, ensuring compliance with all current regulations.

Safety Management Plans

Blastcon Australia can develop, or assist in the development or review of the Explosives Safety Management Plans. Our shotfiring experts have 20+ years of experience in the industry and you will feel safe in their hands as they either guide you, or take care of the whole process from beginning to end.

We have assisted:

  • BMA

  • BHP 

  • Glencore

  • Rio Tinto

  • Kestrel

  • Anglo American

  • Wesfarmers

  • Action Drill & Blast

Explosives Security Plans

As leaders in the industry Blastcon lodged the first full Explosives Security Plan in Australia in 2005 for BMA after the Ammonium Nitrate Security plan requirements in QLD were set down by the Council of Australian Governments in 2004 A security plan should be appropriate to your circumstances and have a clear process outlined to ensure that:

  • Explosives are always kept secure.

  • There is an implemented documented chain of custody as explosives pass from licence holder to another.

  •  Explosives are always in the possession and control of either you, or an authorised representative.

  •  You can account for explosives accurately and quickly assist in investigations of theft, loss or stock discrepancies.

  • The security plan must be reviewed every year.


Blastcon Australia can help you put together a new document or review your current plan. Our team of blasting

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