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Shotfirer Training

Blastcon Australia Pty Ltd provides an extensive range of training via Third Party Agreement with Tectra Australia RTO No. 40889 for the explosive and SSAN sectors. Where applicable courses are aligned to the relevant industry competencies.

Blastcon Australia Pty Ltd has also developed client specific training packages.

An example is an Explosives Awareness course designed to provide all workers with basic identification and procedures where explosives or misfires are encountered.

All training requires the participant to have completed a Security Assessment as set down by your relevant state. Persons must be at least 18 years of age.

Shotfirer and Related training

In the past, the best way into a mining job was through the Blast crew. Legislation has changed in most states, forced partly by safety but also by security. Now to get a position on a blast crew a person generally has to have some form of training in legislative responsibilities and safety in Handling, Transport and Storage of Explosives.

Training is conducted at regular intervals in Brisbane, Townsville and Central Queensland.

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